Kaleshvari Cold Pressed Oil

Cold Pressed Oil

Cold Pressed Oil – There are many ways to extract oils from plants. However, cold pressed oil is unique &  fairly slow process must occur at temperature of 45 degrees Celsius or lower. It’s environmentally friendly and doesn’t require heat or any additional chemical solvents when made by seed pressed extraction machine (wooden crusher).Do our ancestors used refined oil in the olden days and suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies and develop a wide range of problems especially relating to the bones like osteoarthritis and osteomalacia? Definately not! In fact they were much more healthier than us!


# Premium high quality oil seeds need to be dried, grinded need to be squeezed slowly at 14 RPM in ambient temperature while seperating the oil from nuts and seeds.#When it is done this way, the colour,  odor, density, taste and nutrients remains unchanged.#The oil is nutrient rich with Proteins, vitamins, fibres, calcium, magnesium,Iron & phosphorus which retains the aroma and nutrition as it is while cookingNote- Dull yellow is the natural colour of peanut oil. It’s not the gleaming yellow or the dark yellow that we offen see in the markets. The original oil is dense because it keeps all the nutrients intact and it is the most simplest method.After watching the fake advertisement of our merciless actresses and selfish business minds, we are fooled by choosing the Oil by seeing zero fat, refined, blanched labels in it without properly researching their nutritional value properly. They have been processed through extreme heat and through wicked chemicals.So what’s the use of adding this kind ofrefined oils in your diet which has no healthy stuff but add extra calories to your body?

Nutritional Boons –

#They contain all essential nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, lecithin and phospholipids. Hence “Lakdi Ghana” ( wooden crusher) is a loaded source of healthiess.#It contains low cholesterol level because it is manufactured under low heat. It is great for the skin and aids weight loss. It improve the good cholesterol levels ( HDL) in our body and aids in reducing the bad cholesterol (LDL).#It is rich with antioxidants and help radical cell damage.# “Lakdi Ghana” is a source of vitamin E and it develops healing properties and anti inflammatory properties.#It helps the oral hygiene practices through ‘oil pulling’_ strengthens the jaws and prevent and stops bleeding gums.